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Dysinger Elementary School

School Policies » Bully Prevention & Social Responsibility Skills

Bully Prevention & Social Responsibility Skills

How we empower our students to respond when another student is bothering them…

Social Responsibility Skills (Stop/Walk/Talk)

1) STOP! Say STOP with a strong voice AND show STOP with your hands – Learning to self-advocate is an essential skill.

2) WALK: Sometimes, even when students tell others to “stop”, problem behavior will continue. When this happens, students are to "walk away" from the problem behavior.

3) TALK: Sometimes, even when we use “stop” and they “walk away” from the problem, sometimes students will continue to behave inappropriately toward them. When that happens, students should "talk" to an adult.

Talking is Different than Tattling:

Talking" is when you have tried to solve the problem yourself, and have used the "stop" and "walk" steps first:

Tattling is when you do not use the "stop" and "walk away" steps before "talking" to an adult

Tattling is when your goal is to get the other person in trouble