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Dysinger Elementary School

School Safety

Thursday, January 25th


Dear Dysinger Parents:


This message is to inform you that a very brief Level 2 Lockdown was called at Dysinger School today, which means that all students remain inside locked classrooms/facilities until the Lockdown is ended.  Following is information about the incident that prompted this lockdown.


At 11:07 AM today, a police helicopter was nearby using the speaker to tell residents to stay indoors.  We promptly had all students move indoors and called the lockdown. We called the Buena Park Police Department for information. They informed us that it was a home robbery behind OSH on Dale/LaPalma, and that the situation was secure and we did not need to be on lockdown. Dysinger was removed from lockdown at 11:10 and normal activity resumed for the remainder of the day. 


Please know that safety is of the utmost priority in the Centralia School District, and procedures like this continue to keep our students and staff safe.  We understand that these situations can be unsettling for our students, so please let us know if your child feels the need to speak with someone about the lockdown. 




Shawn D. Stuht, M. Ed.,Principal

 At the link, please find the most current Safe School Action Plan.