Closed Campus Begins Monday, August 13th, 2018

Campus Safety and Closed Campus

Now that we have completed our first week of school, we will begin our Closed Campus Policy, which we began last Spring to enhance Campus Safety. Closed Campus Policy will begin Monday, August 13th, 2018.

Please read the Closed Campus information below.

Closed Campus Procedure:

Morning Arrival:     The campus will be CLOSED to unauthorized adults before, during, and after school. Parents will drop off their students at the gate in the morning and students will enter the campus without parents.

  • Parents will be permitted, with approval of front gate staff, to enter the front gate in the morning for official school business only and must report immediately to the office. Volunteers will not be allowed to enter campus to go to classrooms until 8:15.
    • Students eating breakfast may enter at 7:30 am and proceed to the MPR for breakfast.
    • Students not eating breakfast can enter the gate at 7:50am. Students will drop their backpacks off at their morning assembly line and proceed to the “walk and talk” assembly area. Students are not allowed in hallways in the mornings.
  • To further minimize the number of adults on campus during the instructional day, please help students build responsibility by having them plan carefully and bring everything they need for their school day in the morning, including lunches, books, homework, jackets, instruments, etc. Any parent needing to bring items to their student must report to the office.
  • Parent circle driveway drop-off is for quick drop off only. There is No Parking in the circle driveway in the morning. If you arrive earlier than expected, you are welcome to park on the street.

Dismissal: At dismissal, we ask that parents wait outside the gates for their child/children. At this time, students will continue to be dismissed at the same gates as currently used.

Parent waiting for students in the valet circular driveway must STAY IN THEIR CARS and continually move forward as cars move out.


If you have a scheduled meeting, please check in with the office and follow our regular volunteer/visitor procedures. As per our existing procedures, all volunteers/visitors must sign in at the front office and wear a visitor’s badge.  At Dysinger, we are very fortunate to have many parent volunteers, and we want to continue to foster school and community involvement. 

Special Events

All adults will be required to sign in for any special events during the instructional day, such as awards assemblies, student performances, and promotion ceremonies. Please allow extra time when coming to a school event to sign in at the front gate.